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It is important to strike just the right balance when giving a gift. It needs to create an impression, to be special and expertly crafted, but not seen as too ostentatious, especially in today's economic climate.

This is where the Greatways Advantage makes a difference. We promise to provide you with the highest quality goods, beautifully packaged and presented and provide you with real value for money.

Personalize your gift!

Gift Wrapping
To ensure your customer feels they are getting something really special, we offer a customised gift-wrapping service creating bespoke boxes in your own corporate colours.

Our etching and engraving service is one of the best ways to personalise a gift or mark a special occasion, providing a lasting reminder of thoughtfulness.

Etching & Embossing
We can also intricately etch a piece of pure crystal to honour an achievement or event, gilt or blind emboss leather goods to create a unique customised gift.

Professional screen printers will print your message/logo/corporate message on your gift.

Greatways Corporate Services is a unit of Greatways Advertisers, established 1976.